Are you ready for a home refresh? Budget friendly tips.

For those of us who overdo it during the holidays, January can be a time of year to tighten up the purse strings. As I love nothing better than a good deal, here are a few of my favourite tips to freshen up your space on a budget.

Because we are spending so much more time at home, the new year offers us a great opportunity to begin afresh. My teenager daughter recently asked if we could paint her room as she is sooooo bored of the mural we did a year and a half ago. I was shocked.  Then, it occurred to me that she has spent the same amount of hours in her room this year as she would normally would have in three years. So, on the condition that she keep her room tidy, we agreed to update it a bit.

Freshening does not mean reinventing the wheel and starting from scratch. It is more about keeping the main pieces and accessorizing to make your space new again.

The first step is always about editing. Easier said than done of course. You need to look at your space with a critical eye and pair down or replace. Often, we get used to our things and don’t really notice them anymore. Look at your pillows, blankets and accessories. Are you pillows lumpy? Are your blankets threadbare? Are your accessories chipped or just out of style? And let's not forget about clutter. Take a moment to look around. It is so hard to get rid of things. But you will feel lighter when you have.

Nothing brightens up a space faster than some greenery or flowers. The easiest, cheapest and long lasting is  from the florist. I love a simple architectural leaf or branch that add a pop of colour or texture and are super cheap!




I am the first to admit, I have a slight toss cushion addiction. A cheap way to refresh your cushions is to just replace the covering. Just measure, find a new pattern or colour, unzip the old and zip up the new! There are loads to find on Etsy or my favourite, Tonic Living in Toronto. I also love a good looking pouf. They add texture, colour and a practical touch of additional seating. These are easy ways to infuse your space with new colours and even some of coziness.


Do you have a wall that either has artwork that doesn’t fit or has no artwork at all? Here is a great opportunity to create a collage by either adding existing pieces and or creating new. I love to put together artwork so it has a casual not too perfect or matchy match look. In the inspo pic, they grouped the pieces closely so it almost looks like one. It can also be a nice way to use sentimental pieces that on their own don't fit.

To create cohesion, I like to paint all the frames the same colour. Usually black, but sometimes white or gold. This way, no matter the shape or content, the collage is unified. Remember, art can be anything. For instance, I've used pictures  from my cellphone, fabric swatches that I love or even pieces of wallpaper.

Sofa Accessories 

A lick of paint on any piece of hard goods, really is transformative. I like to keep it simple by painting most furniture either white or black. If painting furniture is too much, you can update accessories by painting them so they match your new pillows or bring in a metallic sheen. In the above pic you can see how each of the accessories and even the side tables are painted a matte black to help tie the room together.

If ever there was a time to get cozy and enjoy your space it is this January. I find little updates uplift the spirit. Also, it might make your home seem like a totally new space!

Stay Safe and wear a mask,


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