Disposable masks...there is a better way.

Hello all,

There is no doubt that disposable masks are useful. They are cheap, plentiful (now) and they help to stop the spread of Covid-19. And if you're like me, you've been seeing them a lot lately, but not just on peoples faces. They're on the sidewalk, in the gutter, scattered in parks and on lawns, and now in the Ocean.

An article in the Guardian (link here) from June 8th says that they are finding masks, gloves and hand sanitiser bottles washing up on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. While they say it isn't overwhelming, the trend is not good seeing as France authorities recently ordered 2 billion disposable masks! 

Another article in the Japan Times (link here) says that Japanese coasts and waters have also witnessed an apparent increase in the number of disposable masks washing up.

Finally, don't think it's just Europe and Asia seeing an uptick, it's on North American shores too (link here)

So what can we do? Easy. Buy a reusable cloth mask. Preferably from us!

All our masks are reusable. Put them in the washing machine. Put them in the dryer. Now you have a mask that has unlimited usage! 

Do your part to keep our streets clean, our parks from ending up with mask litter and our oceans from filling up with even more plastic.

Ok that's it from me.

Be safe. Wear a mask (a reusable one!)


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