My top 7 Tips to get yourself off the Couch get Moving

If you are anything like me, it can be difficult to get moving. With gyms and fitness studios closed for most of the past year, we have had to make lots of changes to our fitness routines.

In my heart I know the benefits of moving my body. It helps my mood significantly;  decreases stress; boosts energy; helps foster better sleep; and of course it burns calories. There is even mounting evidence that it helps memory! So many benefits. Yet, in the moment almost every single day, I procrastinate and bargain with myself to get up and move. I am afraid that Newton’s First Law of Motion applies to me, “a body at rest remains at rest”. Unless it is to get something yummy out of the snack drawer. So here are the tips that help me:

  1. Put it in your calendar. Make an appointment and make it just as important as everything else on there. Make your calendar entry as specific as possible to take the decision making out of it. For example, instead of writing 5:30 workout. Write 5:30 20 min Bodyweight class followed by a 10 min stretch class. Now you just simply have to get up and do it. (I know easier said than done)
  2. Plan to exercise with a friend. Whether it be going for a walk or doing the same exercise class virtually. Many virtual fitness classes have chat features now. Your friend will keep you accountable and it will be much more fun as you get a bit of social interaction.
  3. The 10 minute rule. If I’m not in the mood to workout, I just tell myself I will only do 10 minutes. If by the time 10 minutes is over, I’m still not feeling it, I give myself permission to stop. Spoiler Alert: once my body is moving, I rarely feel like stopping. If I do stop, I feel my body is telling me that I need some rest.
  4. Let technology help you. I have been using the Fitness app on my phone. I like tracking my progress and putting together streaks. It is even better if you can share your progress with a friend. Other apps to have a look at are the Google Fit , Nike , Peloton and Lose it.
  5. Find your Why. Why are you working out in the first place? Is it to feel better, look better, improve your mood or energy? Mine is hands down mood and energy. If I don’t move, I am a grouchy tired thing.
  6. I follow my athlete heroes on Instagram. If I am having trouble getting moving, I will check out their accounts. I reckon that if I can do a fraction of what they do, I am in good company.
  7. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember, something is better than nothing and you are going to miss days here and there. Just try again the next day and work on your consistency. Exercise is a practice. The goal is to do it consistently.

Please note, I am not in the fitness industry. I am just a regular person who has been trying to get off my butt and have a healthy lifestyle for over 25 years.

Stay healthy my friends,




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