How we keep our masks clean and organised

It has taken us a while to get into a system that works for everyone in our family. We needed to have a something that was easy and clutter free. In my dreams we have a completely organised mud room to house all manner of shoes, boots, jackets, hats and mitts that our variable Canadian weather throws at us. In reality, we live in a tall skinny house in Toronto with a miniature (and packed) front hall closet that has limited storage. 

We tried a bunch of systems and non-systems without much success. There were many questions around stray masks in our house like, "Who's mask is this?", "Is this mask clean?" and "Why is the dog chewing on someone's mask?".

A game changer in our mask strategy has been our commUNITY mask holders and organisers.  We developed them to fill a definite need in our household!


The kids use the commUNITY organisers on hooks inside of their closets. On Sundays, we make sure that the organisers are stocked with clean masks, filters and holders for the week. The kids will wear one mask and take another clean one to school in the “Clean” mask holder. When they are finished wearing a mask, they put it in the “Dirty” mask holder. This way the dirty mask doesn’t contaminate anything else and they know that it needs to be washed. Each holder holds one adult size or two kid size masks.

We keep the adult masks in an organiser inside of the front hall closet with filters and holders we each have a compartment. I also keep a couple of “Clean” mask holders with clean masks in my car with extra “Dirty” mask holders for when I need to switch them out.


We also have a little basket on our front hall console where everyone puts their “Dirty” mask holders with dirty masks inside when they get home. Every couple of days, I bring them to the laundry to wash them. For washing tips, click here.

Hope that gives you some ideas!


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