Face Masks as an everyday accessory...shoes edition.

Hello all,

This time the topic of this blog is not just face masks. It's also about shoes. I like shoes...specifically sneakers. Now, I am no collector, but I probably have more kicks than your average person. At least my kids suspect I do. My wife is certain of it. Anyway, here in this blog I am going to post some pics of how I try to match my commUNITY face masks with my shoes. Luckily we have a ton of different colours and I have a ton of different shoes! Enjoy!

Military Green:

This is a great colour. It's understated but is rich and saturated. The shoes I  paired with it are my Adidas Parley Nmd CS1. Yeah that's a mouthful. These shoes are super comfortable...the CS stands for city sock. About right.


The colour of royalty. Purple. Another rich, deep colour that I am a big fan of. Here I paired them with the really funky Converse One Star CLOT. CLOT are an awesome streetwear brand from Hong Kong. I love these shoes.


Maroon by any other name. This is a unique colour that has actually sold quite well. I like it because it's subtle. When I wear it out most people aren't even sure what colour it is. Suits me just fine. And I've got the kicks to go with it. Classic Adidas Superstars in a perfectly unique matching maroon colourway. 


This is like the black tuxedo of masks. Would James Bond wear this mask? Yes...yes he would. I pair this mask with another fantastic Converse collab. These are Converse Jack Purcell x Neighbourhood. And get this, Jack Purcell was a Canadian champion Badminton player who actually designed the original silhouette for Converse! Japanese street wear brand + Canadian Badminton player...I am here for it.

Coverse Jack Purcell x Neighbourhood


The name just sounds solid. This colour goes with just about any shoe you can find. But I like to match so I chose my Converse Jack Purcell Leather high tops. I mean come on, these are just the perfect upgrade from the traditional canvas fabric on these shoes. So classy!

Converse Jack Purcell Leather High Tops


The colour of the Leafs, Jays and Argos. Yes I am a Toronto boy. This Blue is such a perfectly deep hue and you better believe I have shoes that pair perfectly. These are Adidas Stan Smith Primeknit. Stan Smith was a former No.1 American tennis player in the 70s and lent his name to this classic tennis shoe. When it's covered with such a cool fabric and an eye catching colour they are indeed champs!

Adidas Primeknit Stan Smith


This screams Canada doesn't it? My home. My community. These Converse Vintage All Star in an Ox Blood colourway are super light and just add a pop of colour to your feet. 

Converse Vintage All Star Ox Blood

Well I had fun with this and I hope you did too. And yes I am a huge fan of Adidas and Converse in case you didn't figure that out already!

Anyway,masks don't have to be a burden to wear. Especially if you can think about them as just another wardrobe option. I'd love to see your Mask + Shoe combos so take a pic and post it to Instagram while tagging @communitymasks and use the hashtag #myshoesmymask . I'll choose one lucky participant to receive $75 credit for our site to be used towards anything we sell!  

Good luck! Be safe. Wear a mask. (And kick ass sneaks!)


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