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When educator Michael Hodgson first wrote a blog for us back in late August, he gave us an insight into what Covid meant for the upcoming school year. Now he writes about what it's been like on the inside almost 4 months later. Over to Michael.


It has been quite the year so far for students and all education workers – to put it mildly. What I have been noticing is the amazing job our young people are doing with staying safe and adopting hand washing, mask wearing and staying distanced. As we head into the holiday season things understandably feel different. As a music teacher I have definitely noticed the restrictions Covid-19 has generated. NO SINGING! Staying creative while planning meaningful lessons has been an extremely mindful and meaningful focus for the students as well as myself. This past week, I initiated “Mindful Mondays” at our school to provide five minutes of calm after lunch for students to simply sit and chill, colour, breathe, just “be” without and expectation.

Some tips from me to you for home mindfulness and creativity:

· Go on a “listening walk” and stop every so often to hear the sounds of life

· Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube for exercise and meditations

· Consider a membership to Headspace or Calm apps for yourself and your kids

· Make a kitchen band after watching “Stomp” videos

· Check out Young People’s Theatre YouTube channel for drama games to play

As we head into the holiday season, I would like to state this: Please, follow guidelines from health officials, do not bend and waver. Please. Students NEED the day to day interactions with peers, the sense of routine, the sense of accomplishment, the growth from mistakes and vulnerability. Teachers want schools to open for our students – let’s stay strong and not go backwards. Be creative with how you virtually see your extended family and be creative with imagination and fun.

Michael Hodgson

Arts Educator TDSB

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