"I really appreciate your attention to these questions and commUNITY’s work in general. I pass your website along to everyone and anyone I know as a trusted source to get masks. You guys were offering the best protection long before the CDC had their guidelines to recommend three layers with a polypropylene filter. I throughly enjoy your newsletters and overall can rant and rave for hours on the customer service I have received from you. 
Thank you and your team for everything."


"I am so thrilled we found your company.  We are so pleased with the masks and have been sharing your details broadly with our US and Canadian colleagues.  Congratulations on your success!"

We are proud to announce that we are OFFICIALLY one of League Canada and US' official marketplace partners. League is one of the leading health benefits companies and is transforming the world of employee healthcare.


League testimonial


mom and child mask, blue face mask, love masks

"Your masks are terrific! I recommend them to all my family and friends.
I am a kindergarten teacher, so hopefully I will be allowed to wear your masks when I return to the classroom this fall.
Congratulations on your success"

"Your masks are the best! I wear them everyday...I just ordered more filters and masks for my family."

"The masks are great, and we all think they are great.
There were 5 teenagers very excited to have the "cool" masks rather than surgicals.
Thank you again!"

"Hi Folks,
I received my order today, and was very happy with the colour, excellent quality, keep up the good work, and once again
Thank you."