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The Asian Gold Ribbon Campaign is a platform developed to initiate wide-spread visibility against anti-Asian racism. They stand together to support healing, amplify our voices, and educate to raise awareness. They advocate for the well-being of Asian youth, community members, and seniors across Canada and around the globe. commUNITY is proud to stand with this campaign and help bring awareness to the rising anti-Asian sentiment that should be stopped in its' tracks.

Asian Gold Ribbon Day is Thursday, May 20, 2021 which corresponds with Asian Heritage month. Asian and non-Asian people will adorn gold ribbons, face masks with gold ribbons and gold ribbon pins to signify hope, unity and solidarity for a better tomorrow.

Wear these masks and pins with pride and support a wonderful and worthy cause.

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  • Asian Gold Ribbon Adult Mask Quilters Cotton (9 colours!)
  • Asian Gold Ribbon Kids Masks (5 colours!)