commUNITY was created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. After noticing a shortfall of available non-medical masks, three Torontonians, Deanna Burger, her sister Darby Burger and her brother in law Colin Final felt compelled to help relieve that shortage. 

The family trio wanted to provide high quality, well designed affordable masks. But they also felt a need to help small businesses that had been affected by the lockdown so they wanted to keep every step local. They consulted with a local designer to help translate their vision. Then they found a local supplier to source the fabric. And finally, employed  a local factory to professionally manufacture the commUNITY face masks. 

And so commUNITY was born with the idea of keeping communities safe by being the first line of defence against the virus and to relieve pressure on our front line workers by helping to flatten the infection curve.

As the final part of the puzzle, the team decided to give back to some of the hardest hit communities through donating $1.00 for every mask sold to Food Banks Canada. 

Since their inception the response to the commUNITY masks has been overwhelming. But they are up to the task they originally set and continue to look for ways to deliver high quality masks at an affordable price.

commUNITY believes that wearing a mask has become a responsibility, not a burden. Protect yourself, protect others.