Food Bank Donation Guide

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The holidays are first and foremost a time for giving. We here at commUNITY have been working with Food Banks Canada since our inception to do just that. Your purchases of commUNITY products have now enabled us to provide over 100,000 meals across this country. But more is always needed. We have compiled a handy guide of tips and deadlines so that you give directly to the Food Banks in your community. To find your local Food Bank go to Find your local Food Bank.

 Food Bank Donation Guide

Support Type 

Guidance / Notes 

All Donations 

Donations of any kind are greatly appreciated.  


Monetary Donations 

Did you know monetary donations allow food banks to stretch your dollar farther? Food banks purchase bulk orders and partner with local manufacturers to be purchased at wholesale price, which is typically 50% of grocery store prices.   


2020 Tax Year Deadline 

If you are looking to make a financial contribution for the tax year of 2020, please make it by Dec 31st. Check your local food bank for ways you can donate: website, drop off, cheque, cash, etc.. 


Food Donation Deadline 

Providing food donations in by Dec 18th allows the food banks to get the food/products to families in need before the holiday season. 


Personal Care Items 

Please donate feminine hygiene products, shampoo, conditioner, etc.  As these items are also basic necessities and highly needed. 


Toy Drives 

Some food banks also run Toy drives during the holiday season-please call your local food bank to inquire what type of toys/gifts they are looking for and the timeline they need them by. 


Special Holiday Dinner 

Most food banks work to provide their clients the groceries they need to make a special holiday dinner at home.  Call your local food bank and ask if they need help purchasing a turkey, ham, sides for a family in need. 


General Food Donations 

Pasta and rice are appreciated but are also the most regularly donated items.  Additional items to consider are ingredients for pasta and rice dishes, like beans, canned meats, sauces, canned vegetables, etc. for a family to enjoy together.  


Canned Items 

Please ensure they have not expired. This gives the food bank team, time to sort and give it to a family in need. 



Happy Holidays!


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