Seattle Seahawk Ugo Amadi partners with commUNITY to Give Back to his Hometown


Hello all,

Recently commUNITY was approached by Seattle Seahawks player Ugo Amadi to partner with him in giving back to his hometown in Nashville, and the city where he lights up opposing receivers on the football field, Seattle. We happily agreed to provide masks for kids as part of a back to school backpack initiative. We asked Ugo to write something for us to let us know what community means to him. Here it is:

At the beginning of COVID, my hometown, Nashville, TN was hit by a tragic tornado leaving dozens homeless and businesses torn apart. As COVID-19 heightened, so too did financial strain for families who did not have much to begin with. It was hard to watch my community suffer from not one, but two disasters. With the uncertainty that COVID has caused families who depend on childcare and schools, I wanted to help ease stress by donating school supplies and partnering with commUNITY to provide masks to children in both Nashville and my new home, Seattle, WA. It was important to me to support communities who are struggling and provide a fun event to get kids excited about the upcoming school year in whatever form it may take. As Summer ends, and uncertainty is still lingering, it’s critical that we uplift those suffering in whatever way we can until things get better, and beyond. “No act of kindness no matter how small, ever goes wasted.”

Well said. We appreciate your generosity and including us in these very special events. Thank you Ugo.

We will be posting photos of the events shortly on our Instagram feed here.

Stay safe. Wear a mask.


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