Virtual Holiday Gathering Ideas

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Today we have another blog from my wife and co-founder Darby Burger. As the holiday season intensifies, ideas about how to spend the time together while apart during lock down are just what we need. And Darby has some great ones! Enjoy.

“I'll have a blue Christmas without you, I'll be so blue just thinking about you Decorations of red on a green Christmas tree
Won't be the same, dear, if you're not here with me”

Elvis Presley

This holiday season we are getting creative about how to celebrate together, yet apart. For several weeks now, provincial officials across the country have urged Canadians to reconsider get-together plans for the holiday season as Covid-19 infections continue to surge.

We have some ideas that might help bring people together and maybe bring on a laugh or two along the way. The trick is always getting everyone involved and engaged in an activity whether they are 2 or 92.

  • Best Decorated House Challenge. See who can find the most amazing display of lights. Take Walk/Drive around your neighbourhood with a cup of hot chocolate to find the best decorated house. If your group is further afield, take a pic and share on a virtual call. Everyone can vote on the winner.

         Christmas House

  • Virtual Christmas Cookie Bake Off – Everyone bakes their own cookies and if you are close enough and have a willing driver, you can share with your group. If you are spread out, cookies can be judged on the basis of looks alone. Best part is that you have lots of yummy cookies. Our family favourite are gingerbread cookies. I love the crazy designs that my family comes up.

    This is our i
    nspo for this year.

    Gingerbread cookies [photocred]

  • Pinterest Inspo Bake Off. This one is inspired by one of our families favourite shows. “Nailed It”. I love this one (mostly because none of my baked goods resemble the Inspo Pic). It gets even better if there is a time component.  BTW, judge and taster is a critical job, you need to pick someone special for that one. To keep it simple and fun, I would recommend to go with something no bake. Also, why not just jump straight to the candy? 

Here is an example:

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees. All you need are sugar cones, heaps of icing and candy.

Inspo Pic:

Christmas Tree 
Nailed It!

  • Virtual Holiday Craft. One of the crafts on our list this year is to decorate Holiday masks. Conveniently, we have masks you can use. Link to White Masks. You just need some sparkle markers or sparkle glue. It is easy, fun, festive and washable. So now, you have a fancy mask to add to your mask wardrobe.

Holiday Mask

  • You could do a virtual wine/prosecco/scotch tasting either with a professional or on your own. Our suggestion is to keep it simple and fun. Pick 3 bottles from the same varietal or region that are widely available. Send the list to all of your guests so they can pick up the supplies. You can give your guests a little information about each sample. This information is usually on the producers website. Then drink and discuss. Don’t forget to ask your guests to pick up some snacks too. 

 Virtual Wine Tasting

We hope that this got your creative juices flowing. 

Whether you celebrate Hannuka, Kwanzaa, Christmas or are simply enjoying a long weekend, enjoy. I feel like this year has been so stressful, we need to shed expectations, take a deep breath and have more patience and kindness for everyone.

Stay Safe and wear a mask...with a filter!

Darby Burger

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